Football Kit Rental. is the only provider to allow you to rent a football kit.

We appreciate that you may only be using the kit for a 1 off game, charity/corporate event, football tournament or perhaps just want to try it out.

To Rent a kit all you have to do is email or call 020 3935 7446.

Discuss which kit you would like to rent and your kit will appear within the next 10 working days. Please note kits that are rented out cannot be customised. So how does it work?

1) Call us or email us with the kit you want to rent, you will be charged for the kit as if you were purchasing it.

2) Get your kit delivered direct to your door step

3) Play in your fabolous new kit

4) Return your kit to our designated UK Warehouse.

5) If all the kit is in order your money will be returned to your nominated account less £50 rental fee.

Its simply and its easy on